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Kurt Lindenberg
The beginnings...
The LINDY group can trace its origins all the way back to a small apartment in the town of Breslau, Germany in 1932. It was here that the company founder, Kurt Lindenberg (hence LINDY) set up a small family business selling petrol lamps and early electrical appliances. The business was shut down during the war but restarted again in 1947 when the Lindenberg family moved to Mannheim, where LINDY Germany is still based today. During the 1940s and 1950s the demand for radios and televisions was huge. The companyís product range expanded to meet this demand with the introduction of the popular KUBA radio and TV furniture.
The electrical age...
In the 1960ís a range of electronic kits from the Danish manufacturer, Josty, was introduced. These kits became incredibly successful, allowing hobbyists to assemble their own radios, amplifiers and disco lights. By the 1970ís the product range had shifted almost completely towards electronic components and equipment. In 1974 the LINDY logo was created to coincide with the introduction of a range of electronic games, kits and toys made by the Japanese company, Gakken. Alongside these, the LINDY Electronic Station was the first product to be fully developed and designed in-house. In 1984 a range of cables was introduced to meet the demand caused by the rapidly expanding home computer market. These cables were an overwhelming hit at a German trade fair. All of the big department stores and supermarkets ordered them in enormous quantities.
International expansion...
In the late 1980ís and early 1990ís the company began a phase of international expansion, first into Italy closely followed by an office and warehouse in the UK, and then premises in Switzerland and France. By 2004 the most recent phase of our expansion was completed with the opening of LINDY USA, LINDY Australia, LINDY Eire and LINDY International to service our growing worldwide customer base.
LINDY today...
From our humble beginnings in 1932 weíve grown into a multinational group of independent companies, all working together to maintain the LINDY brand name. Our product range now encompasses everything from the simplest USB cables to the latest in advanced KVM switches, digital video extenders, networking and multimedia products. To this day, we still continue the traditions of product quality, innovation and value for money initiated by Kurt Lindenberg all those years ago in his apartment in Breslau!