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LINDY Open Source Software Statement

Various LINDY products include Open Source software which is licensed under various Open Source licenses. Many open source packages are used unchanged and are available under the terms of the GPL (GNU Public License). The detailed information about the included software, including version information, GPL license and source code is available on the product website. Simply enter the appropriate product number in the search box.

We provide this software without any liability and without support.

You can find and download all relevant information and source code from our websites at no cost. You can also request a CD with the source codes of the software from us. In this case, please send a cheque issued to LINDY-Elektronik GmbH with the amount of 10.00 to LINDY-Elektronik GmbH, Markircher Str. 20, DE-68229 Mannheim with reference "open source software CD for No. *****, where ***** stands for the 5 digit LINDY article number. This fee applies only to the incurred cost for duplicating and shipping. Your source code request must specify the LINDY product article number clearly.

April 2016