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Dear Customer,
Since mid-2014, the US Dodd Frank Act has obliged US listed companies to disclose and report on the use of conflict minerals and metals extracted from them. LINDY itself is not subject to these obligations. Also not according to EU Regulation 2017/821 on conflict minerals, which only affects importers and direct processors of conflict minerals and metals. Nevertheless, we would like to provide you with the necessary answers and information on this topic, as far as possible.

The high number of our products requires a large number of suppliers and production facilities. The majority of over 3000 cables and electronic products are manufactured to our specifications in Taiwan and China. The procurement of raw materials is often outside our direct sphere of influence, and there are often several stages in the supply chain up to the smelters or metal producers, especially for electronic products. We have compiled the results of our supplier survey in our CMRT. We hereby make it available for you to download

Please also note the following background information:
The 3TG metals extracted from the conflict minerals are tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold. In our products, tantalum is widely used in electronics for capacitors, tin for solder on circuit boards and for soldering connectors to cables, tungsten to a lesser extent in chipsets, and gold as a coating on connector contacts and in chipsets.
Minerals designated as conflict minerals under the Dodd Frank Act originate from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the neighbouring states. There they are partly dismantled illegally and also serve to finance local conflicts, especially for many local rebel groups. This problem has been improved since 2014. In parallel, certified supply chains have also been established in these conflict areas, particularly with EU support. A lot of progress has been made for 3T metals in the past years. But effectively this is only possible to a very limited extent for gold, especially because 1kg of gold can and is simply extracted in comparison in an already pure way, and smuggled, and represents a comparatively high value of about 40,000$. For the other 3T metals, the value is lower by a factor of 1000 and the extraction process is much more complex.

Dr. Rainer Bachmann
Head of Global Product Compliance
LINDY-Elektronik GmbH LINDY Gruppe

Mannheim, December 2018

Download LINDY CMRT December 2018